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Programs & Services

We offer a wide range of innovative programs and comprehensive services to empower families and transform communities. From safe housing to case management, career training, mentorship, family bonding activities, and workshops, we are dedicated to helping families thrive. Our transformative programs and services are designed to meet the unique needs of each family, unlocking their full potential and building a brighter future. Join us in our mission to create lasting change and build stronger, more vibrant communities.

Who We Serve

We are dedicated to serving families and youth facing a variety of challenges. From domestic violence victims to homeless families, underserved families, and transitional aged youth, we provide innovative programs and comprehensive services designed to support and empower those who need it most. Our mission is to create opportunities for families and youth to thrive, no matter their circumstances.

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Family Time

Safe Housing

The House of Do Good is a life-changing transitional housing program for DV survivors and their children. We offer a safe and nurturing environment where families can rebuild their lives and find hope for the future.

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Skateboard and Earphones

Youth Mentorship

The Do Good Bros Youth Mentorship Program empowers young men from under-represented backgrounds to become leaders who create positive change in their communities. Our monthly workshops, one-on-one mentorship, and community service opportunities provide practical experience, guidance, and support. Join us in building a brighter future for all.

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Do GOOD Giving Tours

Do Good Giving Tours is an innovative program that takes community giving to the next level. Through our events, resource fairs, and community outreach initiatives, we empower communities to give back and make a positive impact. From supporting local businesses to providing resources to those in need, we are dedicated to creating a brighter future for all.

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Healthy Families

I Am Breaking the Chains (IABTC) is a program designed to empower individuals, parents, and children to break the chains of adversity and unlock their full potential through wellness and personal development workshops, mentorship programs, and community-building initiatives.

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