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Welcome to the Do Good Daniels Family Foundation

We're on a mission to transform support for families and strengthen communities.  

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Our Mission

Empowering families, with a special focus on youth, through innovative care management solutions, housing, and holistic support services that nurture social-emotional development, financial literacy, and essential life skills, enabling them to thrive and create positive change in the world.

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Foundation Overview

Welcome to the Do Good Daniels Family Foundation, where every action sparks a cascade of positive change. Originating from a transformative gift on The Ellen Show and driven by the Daniels family's own narrative of resilience, our foundation redefines community support by not just giving back, but by pioneering forward with vigor and vision.


At our core, we reimagine solutions to pressing challenges. Our endeavors span from revolutionizing mental wellness programs to reshaping educational systems, from strengthening economic stability to advancing environmental sustainability. We don't just focus on these areas; we transform them into beacons of radical innovation. Our commitment shines brightest in empowering youth and families, equipping them not only to dream of a better future but to forge it with their own hands.


‘Do Good, Be Great, Repeat’ is more than our mantra; it's a lived experience at the foundation. We cultivate dynamic partnerships across the globe to fuel significant change, ensuring each step we take propels us all toward a more thriving society. With cutting-edge initiatives and heartfelt outreach, we unlock the fullest potential of every community member, setting off a perpetual wave of goodness that will resonate for generations.


Join us on this journey of profound impact. Engage with us, contribute to our causes, and be part of a legacy of kindness. Together, we can ignite boundless possibilities and inspire an enduring cycle of good that never stops giving.

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Partners in GOOD

Partnering to empower families and transform communities

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