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Who We Are & What We Do

We are the Do Good Daniels Family Foundation and we Do GOOD.

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We are an Uncompromising Force for Good throughout underserved communities by building healthy families through providing safe housing, transformative wrap-around services, family bonding activities, and family-focused workshops.

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We envision a world where "Doing Good" is a way of life and families have access to the tools they need to thrive.

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We are committed to being an Uncompromising Force for good, and creating positive environments in which everyone may experience a sense of belonging and self worth.


We treat all people with dignity and respect.


We strive to equip our constituents with the tools, resources and encouragement necessary to feel empowered.


With kindness, goodness, love and respect we take a person-centered approach with our constituents.

Our Story

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As a family of six, Robert and Christi, "Do Good" Daniels learned early what it meant to sacrifice, love unconditionally, and experience needs. As parents, they worked hard but were still one paycheck away from being unable to meet their family obligations, including shelter. Despite their circumstances, the Daniels' continued to spread goodness throughout their community.


The Ellen Show partnered with Cheerios and gifted the family with $1 Million, the most significant gift in the show’s history! Half of that amount was for the Daniels family, but the other $500,000 was for them to use to do what they did so well – continue to bless other organizations and individuals in their community. This was all documented in a digital services titled "Do Good Daniels"

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